Growing up in a multi-cultural family near San Francisco, CA, Alyssa was exposed to all sorts of cuisines and dining experiences. Japanese tea ceremonies, elaborate North African feasts and  rustic French dishes were always on the menu at home, not to mention the diverse community around her. The hospitality, the aromas, and the linens always piqued her interest. The sense of place and story that is communicated with a meal and a well-dressed table became something she wanted to express professionally. 

Once she moved to Los Angeles and interned for the culinary department of a Food Network program, that was it: production and food provided the pace, organization, problem solving, creativity and camaraderie she desired in her work. 

From live televisions segments, to commercials to feature films, she uses her culinary skills to meet client expectations and stay on top the latest trends in order to achieve those appetizing moments for the camera we all love.